Hike: Tuesday, June 3, 2014

About the hike

Lory State Park

The optional hike will be held at nearby Lory State Park.

This year the hike will be a half-day event among the Front Range hogbacks of Lory State Park. Disease ecologists and evolutionary biologists will have the opportunity to be exposed to Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Colorado Tick Fever, plague, West Nile virus, rabies (skunk variant) and other romantic diseases.

On Tuesday afternoon, buses will leave at 12.30pm from the parking lot on the west side of Academic Village. Boxed lunches will be available in coolers so you can grab lunch before getting on the bus.

At Lory State Park, you can choose between a number of hikes:

Arthurís Rock Trail Moderate to Difficult 1.7 miles This 1.7 mile hiking trail winds through forested mountainsides and open meadows to the summit of Arthurís Rock. Along the trail, hikers can travel through different ecosystems because of the change in elevation. Upon reaching the summit of Arthurís Rock, one is offered a impressive view of Horsetooth Reservoir and the Front Range from an elevation of 6,780 feet. From the same trailhead, you can choose to head south along undulating trails along the South Valley Trail Loop Foot (easy, 2.4 miles), or to Horsetooth Reservoir (Shoreline Trail Foot, easy, 1.0 mile; red sandstone hogbacks offer a striking background to the grassy meadows, where deer can be found grazing.).

Well Gulch Nature Trail Easy to Moderate 1.4 miles Wildflowers and riparian ecosystem line this plush 1.4 mile trail. A self-guided nature tour takes you through the meadow, mountain shrub, Douglas fir, and ponderosa ecosystems, with stations along the way illustrating botany, geology and animal life in Lory State Park. For those looking for a longer hike, the trail branches off into the Timber and Overlook Trails. Wildflowers are currently in bloom. Charming.

Or you can walk form the picnic site (Soldier Canyon) along the Valley Trail.

After hiking, you can either take a bus back to the picnic area (Soldier Canyon) or walk the 2 miles along the Valley trail (easy).

Dinner - BBQ - will be served at 5.30pm in Soldier Canyon. Buses will head back to Fort Collins at roughly 7pm.

Bring a hat, some water, and layers in case of thunderstorms and rain.